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Hairdresser Blend, Šibenik

Thanks to presentations by top experts at hairdressing seminars in Croatia and abroad, our hairdressers are constantly educating themselves and expanding their knowledge following the latest trends in the profession.. Let our hands take over, ask for expert advice on a hair style or hair care, because healthy, shiny and strong hair can only be achieved when the highest quality hair products are used. The lounge interior is minimally furnished and designed for longer stays, with our helpful team providing a comfortable atmosphere and relaxing moments for women, men and accompanied children.

ĐURĐAmaster stylist

A salon owner with over 40 years of experience in the profession. If you have long hair and want to cut it short, brighten up her day.

TEAsenior stylist

The daughter of the salon owner, a young and promising stylist whose specialty is creative haircuts and wacky hairstyles for young people.

MARIJANAsenior stylist

With many years of commitment and work in our salon, this young lady is an all-round hairdresser with fantastic approach and results.

FRANKAjunior stylist

Newbiee in the salon, ambitious and eager to learn from older colleagues. A young hope we believe in..a stylist for times to come.

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